Azure Firewall – Hub/Spoke Hybrid Network with Forced Tunnelling

* Update – I spoke to Microsoft and they agreed and have updated the documentation to highlight this scenario. The Azure Firewall is a great option if you want to have a centralised firewall device within your Azure network architecture. I followed the Microsoft documentation to integrate the Azure Firewall into a Hybrid Network consisting of […]

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Azure ExpressRoute Circuit provisioning error

Recently encountered an issue while trying to provision an ExpressRoute circuit from Azure. The error was received while running the New-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuit cmdlet, and did not provide any real information.

When checking the Circuit, the circuit was created in Azure, but it was not correctly provisioned. The ProvisioningState was Failed, no ServiceKey was provided and […]

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Azure ExpressRoute peering guidance

Microsoft recently announced that they will be merging Public Peering and Microsoft Peering. Previously, Public Peering was used to access Azure PaaS services and Microsoft Peering was used to access Microsoft SaaS services such as O365. Each Azure PaaS services by region and SaaS Service are tagged with BGP Community values, and these can be […]

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