Azure ExpressRoute Circuit provisioning error

Recently encountered an issue while trying to provision an ExpressRoute circuit from Azure. The error was received while running the New-AzureRmExpressRouteCircuit cmdlet, and did not provide any real information.

When checking the Circuit, the circuit was created in Azure, but it was not correctly provisioned.

The ProvisioningState was Failed, no ServiceKey was provided and CircuitProvisioningState was disabled.

Since I had no issues creating a circuit in another region the problem did not appear to be related to Azure PowerShell or other platform issue and pointed to a localised issue in the location where the circuit was being provisioned.

After logging a ticket with Microsoft, they confirmed that from reviewing the platform logs they could see that there was issues allocating bandwidth to the port pairs in Equinix Sydney. At the time there was only 100 Mbps available bandwidth at the time which caused my circuits to fail during creation.

I tried again the next day and the problem had been resolved by Equinix.